Ready for Adventure

I prepared myself for my first adventure by laying out a set of clothing on my nightstand and mentally preparing myself to just get up when the dog started barking. I wanted something that would be comfortable, yet maybe look sorta tough if I had to deal with any shady characters, so a pair of Champion sport shorts and a Harley Davidson tee-shirt were my choices.

Here’s the thing that makes our dog problem such a mess. We live in the city of Tempe. The dogs probably live in the city of Guadalupe. Tempe cops can’t go into Guadalupe. Guadalupe doesn’t have cops, they use the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department. So, you have to report the issue to the Sheriff’s Department, and you pretty much need to know where the dogs are located so you can tell the Sheriff where to go.

Well, to find out where the dogs are located, I’d have to go into Guadalupe, on foot or bicycle, at like 5 in the morning, to find the dogs. That actually sounded like a good idea to me on several of these mornings, although I added that I’d be taking a baseball bat with me, but Voice of Reason aka Lovely Husband, was against that plan.

But, I have to do something, so I guess I’ll start by going to the Tempe Police. I’ve got a police station nearby and I’ll just walk in there and talk to some of the cops and see if anyone will give me a ride into Guadalupe to find the address of that dog.