Sheriff’s Department

I love the show, Reno 911, and whenever I think, “Sheriff’s Department,” all I can hear is Lieutenant Dangle’s voice in my head, saying “Sheriff’s Department,” and I just crack up. So, I was in a somewhat jovial mood when I called the Sheriff’s Department (can you hear it? man, it just cracks me up).

So, I go call the Sheriff’s Department (pardon me, I’m just gonna lose it) – I am beginning to see some of the effects of being woken up twice before the alarm clock – I’m getting delirious. I get myself together and prepare for a unfulfilling experience, followed by having to bother good Officer Busby. I call the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department at 602-876-1011.

The woman who answered sounded friendly and competent. No easy feat, considering all she said was, you guessed it, “Sheriff’s Department.”

I told her my plight and she asked a few good questions and promised to send someone out to check on it. Really? It’s that simple? I could have done this weeks ago? Hard to believe. Okay. I guess we’ll see.

At this point, it was about 6am, time for me to be up anyhow and I decided I’d start chronicling this epic. Maybe it will make a good movie some day. It’s about 8am now and I don’t hear the dog, but I’m also several rooms into the house and probably have sufficient sound cushioning.

However, I have not heard any cussing from my husband’s general direction and that’s all good!