Here we go….

Who Shall Survive? Foundations of Sociometry, Group Psychotherapy and Sociodrama. Student Edition.By J.L. Moreno, M.D. Published by the ASGPP in 1993.

First up, the dedication, to his wife, Zerka Toeman Moreno. I have met Zerka and have had the privilege of training with her, and hope to train with her again in October of 2010. She is an amazing woman with a warm, caring heart. At over 90 years of age, she still offers psychodrama workshops in her Virginia home. The training I was at consisted of only 12 students, yet 7 countries were represented. It was really a treat. If you have the chance to train with Zerka, you really should.

I’ll next comment on the Editor’s Note. This edition is edited by Ann E. Hale who I have also had the pleasure of meeting and with whom I have trained repeatedly. Ann is well-known in the psychodrama field as the “Queen of Sociometry” and one of her early texts (Conducting Clinical Sociometric Explorations: A Manual for Psychodramatists and Sociometrists) is recommended reading for students of psychodrama, group therapy, and sociometry.

It’s hard for me to believe, but almost 40 years ago, Ann was appointed the Director in Residence at the Moreno Institute by Zerka herself, and Ann and she worked with J.L. directly in the production of this student edition, despite that it was published many years after his passing. It is so exciting for me to think of those “heydays” of psychodrama, when it was first developing. Apparently, it is so exciting for me to think about that I’d rather think about that and write about that than read this flippin’ book!